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Bridlingtons Golf Club

South Shore Holiday Village is a 2 minute drive from Bridlingtons golf course and club. An excellent course with many challenging holes and makes for a fantastic day of golf.


The Beach

Bridlington's beach stretches from Bridlington harbour to the edge of Hornsea, making for a perfect walk on a summers day. The beach close to the Holiday Park is dog-friendly and is cleaned regularly during the summer.

Bridlington Pier

Bridlington's pier is full of things to do. From buying a fresh, hot donut from one of the many stalls, to the amusements and rides scattered along the pier, to the madness of pirate mini-golf, you'll never be short of fun when at the pier. If you're feeling brave enough, why not try the Pirate Ghost Walk? But be careful - not everything is as it seems...


Places to visit

Sewerby Hall and Gardens is a brilliant day out if you're looking for a scenic walk filled with interesting history. Or perhaps you'd prefer a quiet sit in at the Cow Shed Cafe, which is dog friendly.


Why not visit Bridlingtons Recently built "East Riding Leisure Centre" featuring a swimming pool, gym and much more.


John Bull Factory Tour

A tour of John Bulls famous rock factory, where the opportunity to create your own personalised rock is given to you, fit with an indoor play area, cafe and souvenir shop to finish a perfect day out 


Bridlington Spa

Bridlington Spa stands proudly overlooking the bay, beaches and harbour and offers unbeatable views from its function suites.


South Shore Holiday Village

Number 93, 4th avenue

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